Happy 70th Barry Diller!

Although the paperazzis’ flashbulbs still light up like fireflies every time she attends a celebrity-drawing event, her nights are spent either working or making the rounds of film screenings with Barry Diller, chairman of the board of Paramount Pictures. At 34, Diller is as much a boy wonder as von Furstenberg is a superwoman and, singularly underwhelmed by her title, he refers to her as “her lowness.” “With most people who have ‘style,’ all there is under the surface is more surface,” says Diller, who presented von Furstenberg 29 loose diamonds, packed in a Band-Aid box, for her birthday on New Year’s Eve. “But with Diane, the deeper you go, the deeper it is. I don’t know anyone quite like her - she is totally unique.”

From our Diane von Furstenberg cover story, March 22, 1976