Facebook is reported to be issuing an IPO in 2012 hoping to raise $10 billion. Here’s our first look at Facebook:

When Mark Zuckerberg, a junior at Harvard, introduced thefacebook.com in February, he never imagined the site soon would have 180,000 registered users at 37 colleges and universities. In addition to listing e-mail addresses, cell-phone numbers and screen names, facebook profiles allow you to list the courses you’re taking, which clubs you’re involved in and your summer plans. It’s the ultimate tool for finding someone to borrow lecture notes from or for figuring out whose floor to crash on while you follow Phish cross-country. Kate Stanchik, a junior at Harvard, says it’s easy to spend hours looking up friends—and scouting out peers who share your passion for four-square. If all goes as planned, thefacebook will hit nearly 70 new campuses come September.

Newsweek August 2, 2004

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    This real-life photo is almost indistinguishable from the look of the movie Social Network. Whoever did the research for...
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    I’d also like to note that for Iraq’s Green Revolution, the first “Facebook revolution,” a lot of people have doubts...
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    Hey you guys remember Beanie Babies? Those aren’t even worth a quarter at a garage sale now.
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    Was this picture taken before or after the zip line broke and the guy fell in the pool? Also - “Fuck you flip-flops.”